Sunday, 22 November 2009

Stila deal on StrawberryNet

Just picked up this great deal on a Stila kit on StrawberryNet! For £13.50 (including free worldwide shipping), you get:

4x eyeshadows in shades: Kitten, Go Lightly, Wheat & Mystic
1x Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer in Shade 01
1x Convertible Color in Peony
1x Major Lash Mascara 5g in Black
1x Lip Glaze in 'Ulta Mate Pink'

Most of the products are full-size, and seeing as Stila has pretty much pulled its distribution in the UK, it's a great chance to snap up some classic Stila (particularly Kitten eyeshadow, and Peony Convertible Colour). The tinted moisturiser I think will be a bit light for me, but it's still worth it even just for the eyeshadows. I get a 10% loyalty discount at Snet, so in total it was £12.15. Bargain.

Click here for link


  1. The stila ulta mate set is fantastic! I purchased it, but from an Aussie site called the beauty club. It cost be 11 pounds, and free shipping. At the time, they also had a free gift promotion,which they do 3 times a year, so I snapped up a stila lip compact too which was great.

  2. Yes, I got it last night and I love it! Today I wore Kitten, Golightly, Peony CC & the lipglaze. Lucky you getting a lip compact too, that's an awesome deal!

  3. That is amazing value - it's worth it just for Kitten alone! x