Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Big heart for Mini Mavala nail polishes

I've recently discovered these adorable miniature Mavala nail polishes and I can't get enough of them!

Why I love these:
- They're 5ml(about one-third the size of your average polish) which in my mind is a good size. One gripe I have with nail polish in general is that it'll often thicken up before I'm halfway through the bottle.
- They come in quite a few pretty colours, so are a great way to test out new shades without investing in a full-size bottle
- For less than 4 pounds, you get a very high quality product with good length of wear, which is a great pick-me-up if you're on a budget

These came in a set of 8 polishes, which I picked up on sale for the princely sum of 15 pounds. All the colours are gorgeous, soft shades. What I love most is that this set came with a miniature base coat (SuperBase) and top coat (Fixator), which I haven't tested yet but I'm sure will come in handy, especially on long holidays where I know I'll have to retouch my nails.

From left to right, the shades are:
- LOTUS: Pearly white, this is a little more opaque than I'd like, might pass this one onto my sister as it's more her colour!
- DAKAR: Soft plummy pink with silver shimmer
- BAGHDAD: Pinky coral with silver shimmer
- BORABORA: Sheer peach with gold shimmer, very subtle on but quite pretty
- ADELAIDE: Medium warm pink with shimmer. A little brighter than my usual everyday taste, but nice to have an option for special occasions!
- TOULOUSE: Cream Barbie-pink, will look great in summer
- SUPER BASE: Base coat
- FIXATOR: Top coat


  1. These are so cute!! I particularly like Toulouse and Dakar...I may treat myself :)

  2. They are cute :) I'm such a sucker for mini sizes!

  3. Great buy! I love Mavala polishes!

    The superbase is supposed to be great, I haven't tried it myself though. I only have Dakar out of the ones you have, but I haven't tried it yet. Hope you do some NOTD's with them!

  4. Lipglossiping - I haven't ventured into NOTDs yet, mainly because I still feel like something of a novice when it comes to nails. I've seen some of yours though & am very envious! Maybe I'll be brave soon though and post some pics ;-)

  5. I love these! I have Mavala top coat Mavadry and I love it (always raving about it on my blog, lol). I have an order form for Mavala and am going to get some of these minis.

    Where did you find these?