Monday, 1 February 2010

Not dead... I promise!

Just a note to say that I haven't dropped off the planet! Have been fairly busy (and tired) lately, plus hubby has vanished on a month-long holiday to New Zealand (yep, lucky little devil) and it dawned on me right after he'd left that he's taken our one and only camera. So, bah to him, his camera, and his sunshine-filled days... (Me? Jealous? Never.) In the meantime, my haul from Dior's spring collection lies on my dresser, just begging to have pretty photos taken of it. That will have to wait!

In other news, I've been somewhat bored with MAC lately. I've even resisted the lure of the CCO at Bicester Village, even though no-one has been here to disapprove of my bad shopping habits! I'm more tempted by Chanel's spring collection, which seems to have suddenly made an appearance in the UK in the last week, if I'm not mistaken. The soft coral Rouge Allure has spring all over it. Now, only if it would stop snowing, I might be able to pretend it's spring already...