Thursday, 24 September 2009

My gorgeous INGLOT palette, and more...

It was my birthday recently and I had my heart set on getting an Inglot Freedom System Palette. What I love about these palettes is the enormous range of shapes and sizes these come in. It was sooooo much fun choosing my palette & colours! I ended up with one of Inglot's magnetised palettes. The palette concept itself is pretty awesome - each layer is magnetised so you can add as many layers as you like of eyeshadows, blush or powder. You end up with as many colours & products as you want, all in one palette. I ended up getting 2 layers of eyeshadows, though I'm keen to get a blush layer too. Amazingly the magnets that hold it all together are quite strong!

I love the soft, silky texture of these eyeshadows (think MAC Veluxe Pearl - though if you like bright, intense pigment you might be disappointed with some shades). They do have a lot of bright colours, but I ended up choosing soft warm/neutral colours only as that's all I ever seem to wear. (Yes, I'm boring I know...!) For £70, this palette really is a steal compared to Bobbi Brown or MAC, without a huge difference in quality.

I also picked up a few other Inglot goodies:

  • Under Makeup Base: A dead ringer for Smashbox PhotoFinish foundation primer. Absolute bargain for £12
  • AMC Cream Blush: The most long-lasting cream blush I've tried, this wears almost like a stain with a nice sheer finish
  • Bronzer palette: Love that it graduates to a highlighter shade, but wish this was a little more pigmented. Not too shimmery though, yay.

So thanks Inglot for a wonderful birthday present, I love you :-)