Tuesday, 13 October 2009

MAC Pickle.. with Relish. Ewww.

Rhamnousia over at Desi Girl Does Makeup posted recently about Vintage makeup - you know, those cosmetics one has hiding away in drawers either forgotten & ignored, sometimes lovingly rediscovered, othertimes invoking an inner cringe of "What the hell was I thinking??!!" when they eventually make their way back into daylight. Anyway it made me think about what my oldest cosmetic items are - actually there's not too many, since before my recent move to the UK there was an enormous clean-out of my traincase - however there is one most ancient item which I hate, yet can't seem to bring myself to chuck.

It's called MAC Pickle, and it's a limited-edition eyeshadow from MAC which was released in circa 2000. It came in a quad which has long since been used up (I think it may have been called "Chromezone"), but this one colour has hung around in my makeup kit. As you can see, it's literally pickly, gherkin green. It's an odd formulation, it has a kind of sheer finish with lots of microglitter (similar to the equally craptastic MAC Honesty from the current line). Not subtle at all, but rather chunky glitter. I did actually wear this at one point, this being one of my first forays into "extreme" colour, until some kind soul thankfully told me it made me look ill. Since then it's just lived in my MAC 15-pan palette of brighter colours (i.e. the ones I avoid!). Somehow it adds a nice vibrancy to the palette, so even though I never use it, it serves the decorative purpose of ensuring there is a lot of green in my palette.

So, to MAC Pickle, who has stood the test of time as my most-avoided cosmetic item... here's to you.

P.S. Sorry about the dodgy pics, I can't seem to get good shots on hubby's camera!


  1. Haha, this post really made me laugh :D
    I don't really think I have any items that I hate or try real hard to avoid - just ones that I end up regretting buying 'cause I already have something almost identical!

  2. I thought you had used it with a wet brush or something! It does do the job of making the palette pop a bit though I'm sure you could put a nicer colour in there :)


  3. haha e/s for decorative purposes (for the palette, not the face!) you crack me up!

  4. I'm sure it's been used with a wet brush before, not to mention dropped a few times too which is why it looks mank. Maybe I'll get the willpower to bin it one of these days.. Have to find a nicer green to replace it first though, can't stand the empty hole it'll leave in the palette!

  5. I found this by doing a google search of MAC Pickle e/s - it's funny that you don't like it because I've been trying to find one to buy!

  6. hi...would you like to sale your pickle eyeshadow?? let me know, email me