Sunday, 14 March 2010

Spring Looks: Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss Compacts

These have been out for a while now, and were launched as part of Bobbi's customisable palette range. I picked up shades Coral Pink and Guava at my local CCO here in the UK.

I'm a little on the fence about these. The packaging is actually pretty good. On their own the compacts are portable, or can be slotted into the larger Bobbi palettes along with eyeshadows and blushes. As well as the black-rimmed outer casing you can see, the gloss pans are also protected by a clear plastic flap, so if you want to create a palette with both powders and glosses, you won't get any powder in your gloss. What a revelation! More cosmetics brands should be listening here!

The gloss itself is very natural. And I mean... almost imperciptible. It's not a mirror-finish type of gloss, more like a soft shine. The two shades I got, Coral Pink (left) and Guava (right), are basically identical once on. Both pretty much go on clear with a hint of pink. Disappointing. Guava has more of a hint of peachy nude, and Coral Pink is a warm pink.

Great packaging, but I think I'm a little disappointed with the colours I chose. I'm pretty sure I'll use them up over summer, but won't buy these again.

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  1. I'm pleased I read this before I go to Bicester next weekend. I know I'd have been very tempted by these (and of course I shouldn't be buying anyway) but if they go on clear I'll stick to using up my Juicy Tubes.

    Thanks for the review!